Book Covers

In this section you will be introduced to one of my favorite hobbies, book covers. The following are book covers I reimagined. 

I found a few indie novels on the internet that I felt could use a makeover and redesigned them. Most were trying to tell too much in their original design. 

This particular book I felt was missing out on it’s potential. The title was so intriguing. The original art for the book was a dog sitting calmly on some patio furniture in a garden. Once again there was too much going on visually in the photo and none of it gave intrigue as to what the story may be.

This turned out to be one of my favorite redoes. 

Here is one that originally had a photo collage. The protagonist is the dog who helps solves mysteries (not my genre of choice) but I felt that a clean new design would make any book more enticing no matter the genre. 

This book is worth looking up the original art. You will not regret it. In fact as many of my friends have said they just might prefer the original to my redo.

That being said, this was another one that I quiet enjoyed doing. I tried to keep the feel of the original book. The cover photo had a retro feel to it so I tried to keep that feeling in the new art. 

I did both of these book covers, but as you can see I redid my own cover.

As my friend, James Goldberg said, “You’re making a promise to your reader by your cover art.”

By changing the cover from a rendered hand to a very stylized hand, the promise has changed from “narrative” to “idea.”

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