More than you ever wanted to know.

I studied illustration at Ricks College and BYU Provo and earned my Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in 2006. I worked as in-house illustrator at the beginning of my career and then as a freelancer for the past eight years.

Oh boy. Have you ever realized how absolutely boring most about pages are? Mine is no exception. I mean I’m trying to think of fun and cool stuff to write about but it is all coming out so boring! I mean what is it you people want from me!?

Do you want to know about my one illustration that got into the New York Society of Illustrators Student Show in 2006? Okay. I made an illustration for the show and it got in. Exciting isn’t it?

Do you want to know about my secret project that I’ve been working on for several years? It’s a graphic novel. There you go. To be fair it started out as a regular novel (I didn’t want to do a million illustrations.) But last year I decided that it needed to be a graphic novel so I’ve been converting the prose into comic book form.

Do you want my recipe for rice pudding? First you need a big pot. Make one cup of rice like normal, including the salt. When the rice has been cooked stir a can of sweetened condensed milk. Add a half gallon of milk. Cook the rice pudding on medium to low heat for a




(I’m talking like 2 hours), stir every 5 minutes. You can cook it on a higher temperature but then you have to stir it constantly to make sure that it doesn’t burn and it still takes like an hour. It thickens as it cooks. When it is done it should be thick and creamy, but not goopy. You may need to add more milk to get it the right consistency.

There! I hope you’re satisfied.

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